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: Norman the Guide Dog visited The Ward Scott Files on Thursday - February 27th...he and I hit it off when we found out we had something in common. We both come in excited about being in the studio and then Ward starts talking and we both dozed off......

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The Ward Scott Files is a radio show where you the listener become better informed on local, state and national issues. Continuous, unrelenting, targeted efforts from the Ward Scott Research Team keeps you informed and separates you from the uninformed masses. The flow of information to the Warthog Command post never stops. The research team is made up of intelligent, dedicated, focused patriots who believe that "for the people" is a sworn oath and those in public office MUST keep their word to those who elected them. The Ward Scott Research Team is the adult supervision a lot of elected officials need and the Ward Scott Files is the kitchen light suddenly turned on in the middle of the night exposing the activity happening out of the sunshine in government.
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An article appeared in The Gainesville Sun on New Year's Eve talking about how little growth Gainesville and Alachua have shown in comparison to Marion County. Ward talked about the article and then Bruce Nelson joined him by phone.

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The Ward Scott Files is not only a work in progress, it is a team effort and even a labor of love. This radio program is a calling for those of us who are dedicated to getting the information out to the listener in an interesting and informative way. We are the conservative voice of North Central Florida and our followers have responded.

Thank you for listening,                                                                                          

Ward Scott
Your humble narrator

After just a few short months on the air, the Ward Scott Files, Newsradio 980 & 720’s LIVE and LOCAL morning show saw significant growth in the Fall 2013 Nielsen Audio ratings period for Gainesville/Ocala. This is a strong platform for the station to continue to build and succeed.

Kevin "McKay" Mangan
Program Director

The Ward Scott Files website, like the radio program, is a constant work in progress. The website was created and is maintained by "The Maestro"    (James Bozeman). Many hours spent with a roaring fire in the fireplace keeps you up to date on all issues of importance.

  I compared this to the old radio "Fireside Chats" of yesteryear. The Maestro, who has spent most of his life in the radio business, pointed out that the fireside chats were never broadcast by a fireside and were never chats...the closest FDR came to fire was at the end of his long cigarette holder and like most politicians, his chat consisted of him telling the listener what the government was going to do for them. The listener, never realizing that this was the government's first efforts to make citizens totally dependent on them..

So lets call it what it is...The Maestro working by the fire to save money on the utility bill.
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